Welcome to RobertWittig.Com. I'm a Painter, Sculptor, and occasional writer working in the Fine Visual Arts. My goal is to present my work and to earn enough money to keep the project going. I served in the U.S. Military, so some of the artwork is dedicated to those who served. thanks for visiting! 
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An antique wooden mold blank for duplicating antique plaster mouldings.

Rare, to say the least. Circa mid-1800's
50 Cal
An acrylic painting, 9" by 12" on canvasboard panel, of a Marine firing a 50 caliber machine gun from his fighting hole.


Welcome to Robert C Wittig Fine Art. I'm a painter and sculptor working with various media, like Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Wood, and wood veneers. I also build handmade picture frames to complement the paintings. Thanks for visiting my website!
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Aircraft Carrier John Stennis
An Acrylic Painting on canvasboard panel, measuring 9" by 12" of The aircraft John Stennis